This was the name given to the first international African & Asian conference first held in Bandung , Indonesia in 1955. Other conferences concerning the anti colonial struggle across Africa and Asia were held in London in 1900 and in Manchester in 1945. The purpose would be demonstrate a historical continuity to the ideals and aspirations of those conferences. One fundamental question may be as far as nation building is concerned: How far have we traveled from Bandung 1955? Where & how do we go from here?

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote the development of Pan African solutions to global problems linking Africans in the diaspora and on the continent.

  • To identify leadership skills that deliver identifiable benefits to diverse communities.

  • To address areas of real concern to progress the social cohesion and unity of Africa by helping to create a unified constructive approach to issues of security, human rights and the rule of law, empowering and uplifting all in society through creating real prosperity, and sustainable wealth through education and increased social mobility.


Thursday – FridayNovember 22-23 2018


Nairobi, KenyaCrown Plaza Nairobi

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