Conference Day One

8:00 am to 9:00 am


9:10 am to 9:30 am

Video Presentation of Conference Themes and Welcome
Conference Moderator – Mr. Jeff Mote
Students accompanied by Ms. Yolande, prep school
(Hillcrest International School) performing on corruption in
law and justice

“The Legacy, Reality and Vision of Bandung Revisited”

10:15 am to 11:30 am

Panel Discussion :

Has the War on Terror been won or lost?
(e.g. Operation Usalama Watch- part of the solution or part of the problem?)

Chair: Mr. D Peter Herbert O.B.E. (Judge & Former Vice Chair Metropolitan Police Authority)

(5 minutes presentation by each panelist followed by discussion and questions from audience)

  • Former Policing and Anti-Terrorism Adviser to the Mayor of
    London- Mr. Lee Jasper 
  • Former Captain Kenya Defence Force – Mr. Mbijiwe Mwenda
  • Judge Shazadi Beg, Barrister, Immigration Judge & Anti-
    Terrorism expert (UK)
  • Mr. Eliud Ambani Mulama: Association of Victims of
    Terrorism Involvement In Countering Extremism:-
    National Chairman, (Kenya)
  • Secretary General: Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali, (GNRC-Arigatou

Relevant background reports: US State Department reports 2017, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Open Society Foundations.

11:45 am to 1:00 pm

Anti-Terrorism, Justice and Freedom : Are these Mutually exclusive? (Sponsored by Strathmore School of Law-The Dean of School of law)

Chair: Ms. Afua Hirsch; Sky TV Journalist or CNN Africa Presenter
(5/8 minute presentation by each panelist followed by questions read from the audience)

Style : Interactive Session.


  • Ms. Emmah Senge – Director of the Strathmore Law clinic and advocate of the High Court of Kenya
  • Judge D Peter Herbert O.B.E–Former Vice Chair of the
    Metropolitan Police Authority, and human rights barrister.
  • Mr Charles Wahingo Owino–Spokesperson of the Kenya
    Police Force
  • Ms Marcello Favretto –Senior Human Rights Adviser

2:00 pm to 3.00 pm

Workshops :

Two moderators, (one regional & one external & Sessions to be led by NGO)

  1. Can we counter terrorism without breeding extremismLed
    by Ms. Marcello Favretto (OHCHR)
  2. Building civil society in multi faith & multi ethnic societies (Kenya Human Rights Commission – Mr. George Kegoro
  3. Counter terrorism: How does the Rule of Law apply; (PALU-CEO Donald Deya)
  4. Regional Conflict Resolution: Can it be achieved?
    Irungu Houton, Director (Amnesty International)
  5. Refugees and Migrants: How can we respect their needs
    (IOM) led by Laura Nistri

3:15 pm to 4:30 pm

Question Time Debate

“ Are Human Rights an achievable goal or an NGO dream”
(Sponsored by Pan African Lawyers Association)

  • Chair: Tanzanian or US Media Host (Hosted by Pan African Lawyers Association)
  • Mr. Donald Deya – Chief Executive Pan African Lawyers Association.
  • Ms. Laura Nistri–The Institute of Migration (IOM).
  • Ms. Veronic Wright – Senior Legal Officer (office of the prosecutor) OIC-Prosecutor UN Residual Mechanism for Tribunals
  • Mr. George Kegoro – Kenyan Human Rights Commission (KHRC)
  • Mr. Peter Ouko – Crime Si Poa Organization
  • Ms. Karin Pluberg – Adviser to the African Court of Human Rights

9:00 am to 9:10 am

Welcome Address by Conference Co Chairs:
Stanley Manduku & D Peter Herbert O.B.E.

9:30 am to 10:15 am

Keynote Address:
• The Chief Justice of Kenya-Mr. David K. Maraga
• The Solicitor General of Kenya – The Honourable Mr. Kennedy Ogeto

11:30 am to 11:45 am

Coffee & Refreshments

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm


3:00 pm to 3:15 pm

Refreshments and Networking

4:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Professor P.L.O. Lumumba: “Can we balance the need to combat Terrorism whilst respecting the rights of our citizens on the continent?” 

5:00 pm to 5:10 pm

Housekeeping Announcements: Conference Chairs

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Drinks Reception sponsored by a Commercial Sponsor

Conference Day Two

8:00 am to 9:00 am


9:10 am to 9:30 am

Video Presentation of Conference Themes and Welcome
Conference Moderator – Mr. Johnson Mwakazi
Students accompanied by Ms. Christelle Verres
(Karen C. Primary School) performing a dramatised verse
on education and two traditional songs

10:15 am to 11:30 am

Empowering students, parents and teachers to achieve the Kenya they want (Vision 2030) (Organized by Aspire Education Limited)

Chair of Panel: Ms. Patricia Lamour, M.B.E (Aspire Education

Panelists :

  • Dr. Muthoni L. Wanyeki –Open Society Foundation,
    Director, Africa Region.
  • Ms. Regina Opondo –Teachers Service Commission,
    Director, Kiambu County
  • Mr. Kevit Desai –Principal Secretary, State Dept. of
    Vocational & Technical Training
  • Mr. Martin Mbaya: Strathmore University
  • Professor Catherine Ndungo – Kenyatta University
  • Ms. Anne Theresa Ndong Jatta–UNESCO Regional Office
    Director for East Africa

11:45 am to 1:00 pm

Four Break Out Workshops

  1. Language and Gender Teaching and helping the achievements of girls and boys in schools. Kenyatta University – Professor Catherine Ndungo.
  2. Educating unreached children for inclusive development: Ms. Joy Mdivo
  3. Teaching entrepreneurship in schools and in communities – Strathmore University, Business School- Mr. Martin Mbaya and Aspire Education Group and Black Business Awards, Mr. Viv Ahmun
  4. How can the new Kenyan curriculum be made to work for boys and girls? Mr. John Mbuthi –Think Smart Africa and Riara University.

2:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Keynote Speech : Honourable Edward Ouko – The auditor general of Kenya
“Exposing corruption – do the ends justify the means?”

3:45 pm pm to 4:00 pm

Coffee break and Refreshments

4:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Closing Address :

“The vision of our Pan African future”

Professor P.L.O. Lumumba

5:15 pm to 5:30 pm

Close of the Conference: Housekeeping announcements & Vote of Thanks by Co Chairs

9:00 am to 9:10 am

Welcome by Conference Co Chairs:
Stanley Manduku & Peter Herbert O.B.E.

9:20 am to 9:30 am

Kenyan Minister of Education: (The Vision for 2030)
Ms. Amina Mohammed and Dr. Shem Ochuodho,
International ICT Consultant.
Shadow Minister of Home Affairs: Ms. Dianne Abbott M.P

“Can Education create development & wealth for all on the Continent”

11:30 am to 11:45 am

Coffee Break & Refreshments

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Lunch & Networking

2:30 pm to 3:45 pm

Five Break Out Workshops: (Ethics and The rule of Law)

  1. Combating corruption, whose money is it anyway? – Mr. Samuel Kimeu, Executive Director, Transparency International.
  2. The Use of Excessive Force: Can we restrain & train our security services? Mr. Lee Jasper, (former adviser to the Mayor of London) and KHRC Director, Mr. George Kegoro.
  3. Prisons: What rights should be respected? Led by Mr. Sammy Lovoni and Mr. John Muthuri (African Prison Project).
  4. How do we make our politicians accountable to the people? OHCHR, Senior Human Rights Adviser Officer – Ms. Marcello Favretto.

4:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Question Time Panel: “Do we need more Ethical African Bees”

Panel Chair:- Nairobi Women Rep – Mrs. Esther Passaris.

  • Mr. Selemani Kinyunyu, The African Union Advisory Board on Corruption.
  • Mr. Donald Deya, CEO Pan African Lawyers Union.
  • Professor P.L.O Lumumba.
  • Ms. Lucy Kinuthia, Director, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • Dr. Muthoni L. Wanyeki, Director Open Society Initiative.

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Legacy Gala Dinner at Crowne Plaza Hotel:

MC – Stanley Prince (MC Stano)

Awards in ten categories

a) Justice
b) Education
c) Journalism & Media
d) Ethics & Good Governance
e) Sport
f) Human Rights Defenders
g) Youth & Enterprise
h) Gender Equality
i) Disability
j) Environmental Protection

Saturday, 24th November : Conference Excursions

Option 1: Bandung Golf Tournament:

The Karen Country Club is a family oriented club, founded in 1937 and prides itself in being one of the oldest golf clubs in Kenya. A large part of the 18-hole course was built on the former coffee estate developed by the Danish pioneer Karen Blixen, whose life and times were depicted in the lyrical film `Out of Africa`. Indeed, the shade trees from her coffee plantation still dominate parts of the golf course, eighty years after they were planted.

The course is superbly maintained with greens built to the Professional Golf Association (PGA) standards.

Option 2: Safari excursion to Masai Mara; Amboseli; Mombasa or to Nairobi National Park

Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Kenya- Africa. The reserve is located in the Great Rift Valley in primarily open grassland. The Maasai Mara is an all year round destination with the big cats, and all the big game still in the Maasai Mara Ecosystem.

Nowhere in Africa is wildlife more abundant, and it is for this reason a visitor hardly misses to see the big five (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhino).

Activities include game viewing, camping, night game drives, visits to Masai cultural villages, ballooning, bush dinner, lunch and breakfast.