2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Four Break Out Workshops : Ethics and the Law

June 30, 2018    Comment off

Four Break Out Workshops : Ethics & The Law

  1. Combating corruption, whose money is it anyway? (Samuel Kimeu), Executive Director, Transparency International and Suleimani Kinyunyu
  2. The Use of Excessive Force : Can we restrain & train our security services? Mr Lee Jasper (former adviser to the Mayor of London) & and KHRC Mr. George Kegoro
  3. Prisons: What rights should be respected? Led by Mr. Sammy Lovoni and John Muthuri (African Prison Project)
  4. How do we make our politicians accountable to the people? UNHCR Р(TBC) Senior RSD Officer Mr. Daniel Kamphuis