10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Panel Discussion Themes

May 15, 2018    Comment off

  • Chair: Ms Beverly Amira/Ms Patricia Amira
  • Mr Twalib Mbarak: The Director of The Ethics & Anti Corruption Commission
  • Ms Marcello Favretto : (OHCHR)
  • Ms Emmeh Senge : Lecturer at Strathmore University
  • Mr Irungu Houghton¬† : (Director of Amnesty International (Kenya)
  • Mrs Ismet Rawat : Barrister, President of Association of Muslim Lawyers (UK)
  • Mr Peter Kariuki : Senior Legal Adviser to the Presidents Office

Issues to be covered:

  • How to successfully Prosecute offences of Corruption?
  • Training and Advocacy Needs
  • How to overcome System failures?
  • Specialist Courts and Judges?
  • Case management and IT